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Steve Kenny at SMS 

Driving School in 

Southampton will help 

you pass your driving 

test before 2025!

Learn to drive in a Automatic car with

Steve Kenny at SMS Driving School.


Free Mock Practical Driving Tests!

( Test when you become a independent driver) 

Displayed: Rosie Crowshaw


“Excellent driving instructor. Steve is patient and always explains each situation 

thoroughly to help develop a good understanding. I always felt safe behind the wheel and 

enjoyed learning with Steve!”

Displayed: Richard Moors

“Steve has been a brilliant instructor throughout the months of learning with him.

He taught me what was needed and gave me great support to help me pass my test, which I did first time. I definitely recommend Steve.”


Displayed: Zeyu Wang

Email address:

“ Steve is a knowledgable instructor. He is nice and patient. The mock test with him is extremely useful. I personally think that you will pass the driving test if you can pass your mock test with Steve. Will definitely recommend Steve if you want to drive safely and have a higher possibility of passing your test in the first attempt “.


Displayed: Zak Croshaw

Email address:

“Steve has been a great instructor and since the first lesson put me at ease and been an amazing instructor with incredible patience. Steve has an eye for detail and will pick up on any bad habits and correct them in a way that is best for you, would highly recommend to any beginner.”


Displayed: Kim Tabley

Email address:

“I found Steve after trying to find someone who could fit me in on a specific day between school runs. He has been an incredible instructor with a great deal of patience. He is kind and if you are feeling nervous you are immediately put at ease. I can’t thank Steve enough for his encouragement .”


Displayed: Georgia Mills

Email address:

After not driving for several years I was extremely nervous about getting back on the road. Thanks to SMS I am now on the road; I was soon at ease and picked up quickly which is down to Steve - who is both lovely and patient. HIGHLY recommend!


Displayed: Miriam Archer

Email address:

I decided to go with Steve as he was recommended to me by a friend...and I have not regretted my choice! Steve is firm but fair in lessons and you always make progress in every lesson. His approach to teaching guarantees that you will pass. I had a time pressure to pass because I am starting my first job in September and Steve, with his teaching approach, made me feel confident in my driving which meant I passed first time!! I am so unbelievably thankful for Steve’s patience with me and would recommend him to anyone. 


Displayed: Dwaine Nikodimova

Email address:

“ Steve is a top quality driving instructor and with his help I passed my driving test 1st 

time with only 1 driver fault!!.

He is very patient and easy to get in with he made sure every lesson there was progression. I would strongly recommend using Steve as your instructor if you want to pass as a safe driver! A.” 


Displayed: Jane Davis

Email address:

I picked Steve as had positive feedback from a friend at work who recommended him to me. Had not driven a car for over 10 years and felt very nervous getting behind the wheel again after such a long break. Steve was very reassuring, gave me confidence and self belief that I could do this. Very good at highlighting faults and how to drive safe and become aware of other road users and following signs, which had completely forgot about. After ten hours of driving feel have been driving for years again. 

Thank you for all your help Steve, greatly appreciated.


Displayed: Sam Cole

Email address:

Steve helped me to pass my test first time, and with NO FAULTS! I was really nervous before my test, but Steve Re-assured me that I’m a good driver and just needed to focus on what I can already do.

In total I took around 36 hours of lessons with Steve leading up to my test. To begin with, Steve can seem like a firm teacher. But if you read around on Google you’ll soon see this is exactly what you want from a driving instructor - he is simply doing his job and picking you up on the faults which would otherwise form into bad habits. Steve didn’t let such bad habits creep into my driving, and pushed out any bad habits I’d already picked up whilst learning with others. He was always on time, and let me know well in advance when he couldn’t make it or had to re-arrange a session

Thanks Steve, I can finally relax!!

Displayed: Annmarie S

Email address:

Had refresher lessons with Steve to improve my driving skills. Very happy with how Steve highlighted my bad habits and let me know how to improve and become a much safer driver and at the same time become a more confident driver. Each time he seen an error he told me straight away and also what I did and how to correct it so didn’t keep making the same error. Feel so much more in control and my awareness and planning when driving, it is so much better. Thank you for your help Steve.

Displayed: Matthew Radford

Email Address:

I did one of Steve's semi-intensive courses and passed first time within 4 weeks. From my first to last lesson I was very happy with Steve as my instructor. When your learning he's constantly telling you what you need to do, why you need to do it, and how it's marked and measured in your test. Not only did that help me appreciate how much there is to do when driving ( if you want to drive safely) but also what it is expected of you to pass your test. As you progress to get ready for the test he simulates test conditions more and more. As a result you feel prepared and ready as possible when the day comes for your test.

Displayed: Philip

Email address:

First of all I wish to take this chance to thank Steve for his lessonsand teaching, they helped me passed in my first atttempt! Despite that I had some lessons with my previous instructor, I keep making mistakes and was not confident to take he test, then I found Steve. He responded nicely when I contacted him and quickly schedule some lessons. I have to say my driving was definitely improved after each lesson, he kept a positive attitude when I made mistakes and was patient about me. I could feel he was very responsible to his people, before the test he took me to the test centre to get familiar with the area around it, and explained every details for me. I drive much better than before and passed the test with a few minors. Thank you Steve.


Displayed: Aqib Buland

Email Address:

Thanks Steve for helping me out. Passed my test first time after only2 months lessons with Steve. 

You are a great teacher.

Displayed: Anna Jochimsen

Email Address:

Thanks to Steve I managed to pass my driving test first time with only 3 minor faults. He helped me overcome issues with my planning and awareness and has taught me key skills that I have taken with me since passing. 

Thank you Steve for all your help.

Displayed: Sommer Poulton

Email Address:

I was a very nervous driver and though passing my test would be impossible! Steve helped me gain confidence and never pushed me too far but made sure I progressed each week. I did not pass first time but Steve did not let that push me back. I practiced more and passed second time with five faults, very very happy with my shinny new pink license, thanks Steve!

Displayed: Kez Duxbury

Email Address:

Steve has been an excellent teacher. I was a terrified beginner having had bad experiences of driving in the past. Steve instilled the confidence in me even when I had none! Passed first time with four minor faults. It's been a great journey full of jolly conversation! Thanks Steve.

Displayed: Mathias Aubert

Email Address:

I strongly recommend Steve Kenny of SMS Driving School for anyone who wish to learn driving. 

Steve was always very friendly and patient and as a result I passed my test first time with only a few minor faults.

Steve not only teach you the necessary skills to pass the test. He also helps you to become an excellent driver. That is, a driver able to plan ahead and anticipate. I did several mock practical test (with no extra charge from a regular lesson) which helped me a lot to improve my confidence before the real test. 

In the end, I think that the lessons are excellent value for money, as the passing rate at SMS is much higher than at other driving schools. Overall, you can get discount for students and when you book in bulk. 

It goes without saying that I already recommended Steve and SMS Driving School to all my friends! 

Displayed: Keir Hack

Email Address:

Absolute brilliant bloke giving me tips and tricks from start to end always giving helpful advice and always believed that I can do it and pass first time! Top bloke. Pay for what you get plus more ill recommend Steve to anyone wanting to learn to drive also have a real high chance of passing with Steves knowledge and teaching skills!!! Thank you Steve for everything


Email Address:

Rating ( Cost/ Customer Service / Quality ) 5 / 5 / 5

Despite holding a full automatic licence I have always been an anxious driver on the road. I've had lessons in manual cars in the past with two different instructors but they did not have the patience or support and more importantly they did not believe in me.

Steve was also very flexible with my driving lesson times and always endeavoured to adapt it around my working hours which varied from to time.

I feel that learning and passing my test with Steve is a great investment and will save me a lot of money in the long term as there are a lot more choices of manual cars and it is a lot cheaper to buy and run a manual car compared with an automatic car.

Displayed: Alison Turner

My son Brogan was struggling with another instructor when we were recommended Steve. Brogan enjoyed steve's straight forward teaching methods and things clicked into place.

Thank you Steve. I would highly recommend you :)

Email Address :

Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

I really enjoyed it and I am so glad I chose to learn to drive with him. 

Displayed: Matt Arnold

Steve was very patient with me as he taught me from scratch, all the way up until I passed first time with 0 faults!

The lessons were always tailored to address any challenging areas I had, building my confidence in each one before moving onto something else. 

Steve helped out lots with the theory test as well as the practical driving skills, regularly testing my theory knowledge until I passed the theory test. He also rented out an excellent interactive CD to help practise for the theory test. 

Later on, he gave frequent mock practical tests at no extra charge, which were very useful for preparing for the real thing, by getting to know the format and discovering any areas we needed to focus on more. 

Displayed: Marshall

i had some experiance of driving before choosing steve as my instructor but steve immediately picked up on all the bad habits I had and showed me how to correct these. I also had two mock tests which helped me a lot and I passed my test first time. I recomend Steve he's value for money.

Displayed : Damien

Steve is an excellent and thorough instructer. I passed 2nd time due to no fault of his. He teaches safe, effective and very informatve driving skills at a very high standard. Also involves mock test the closer you get to test date, which was reasuring and an excellent opportunity to brush up on any issues pre test. Would recommend Steve very highly, thanks Steve.

Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

Steve is a very efficient, helpful and patient driving instructor. Exactly what you need in order to pass your driving test! Thanks for all your hard work Steve!

Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

Email Address :

Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

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